Massage and Reflexology

in Brixworth and Northampton

at The Feel Good Factory Holistics

Relax and Balance for Cancer Patients and other Chronic Illnesses

I am trained and insured to offer clients who are about to embark on, are undergoing or have finished their treatment for cancer. These sessions are dedicated to your relaxation and total comfort. On the day of the appointment we will devise your treatment to allow for how you are feeling and how you would like to be positioned and how long you would like.

These sessions are also recommended for clients who suffer from illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, ME, Arthritis (rheumatoid, osteo, psoriatic.. etc)

The session will be tailored exactly to your needs - i will take into account any areas of the body you do not want to be touched, how you would like to be positioned on the treatment couch (lots of pillows on standby to bolster and support you) and the massages and reflexology are always kept light; your body is working very hard to support itself and needs to be able to rest and restore. 

Reflexology can also be used to promote your relaxation, this gentle treatment helps balance the body and many clients have said how the benefits continue beyond the session, bringing a sense of calm to them. Reflexology for Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) works specifically on the lymphatic system and can help with oedema (swelling) in the body. You may also want to enjoy the calm that a gentle cranio-sacral treatment can bring to you.   

The cost of each session is as follows:

30 mins - £37.00

45 mins - £41.00

60 mins - £46.00

Please allow 15 minutes longer than your 'hands on' time for each session.