Massage and Reflexology

in Brixworth and Northampton

at The Feel Good Factory Holistics

Treatments for Relaxation

Our current pace of life is usually very hectic with very little downtime. The Treatments for Relaxation offered to you at The Feel Good Factory Holistics will encourage you to stop and take some very welcome time back just for you.

You can choose from:

* Swedish body massage                             - a firm treatment, working deep into the muscles. Tension relieving but not painful

* Aromatherapy massage                             - a lighter treatment, using beautiful pure essential plant oils chosen by you, mixed into a carrier oil

* Hot Stone massage                                   - let the hot stones melt away the tension from your muscles

* Indian Head massage                                - a seated treatment working the upper back, shoulders, head and face

* Create Your Unique Session                      - combine any of the above for a truly personal treatment. You can even include Reflexology